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Chinese Mountaineering Team Uses 5G Technology to Measure the New Height of Mount Everest: 8848.86 Meters

08 December 2020 last updated at 17:48 0 Comments

On December 8, President Xi Jinping and President Bhandari of Nepal exchanged letters to jointly announce the elevation of Mount Everest: 88.886 meters. The new height converts to 29,031 feet.

The official height was also announced simultaneously in Kathmandu and Beijing amid a programme attended by Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali and Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

Chinese Mountaineering TeamChinese Mountaineering Team

At 11 o'clock in the morning on May 27th, 8 top attackers of the 2020 Mt. Everest Elevation Mountaineering Team successfully climbed to the summit of Mount Everest from its north slope to complete the task of peak measurement. The Chinese mountaineering team has overcome many difficulties and once again stood on the top of the world, staying for 150 minutes, setting a new record for the length of time that Chinese stayed on the summit of Mount Everest, and obtained precious data for the benefit of mankind.

Chinese Mountaineering Team at Mount Everest SummitChinese Mountaineering Team at Mount Everest Summit

President Xi Jinping pointed out that last year, we reached a consensus on Nepal and China to jointly announce the latest elevation of Mount Everest. For more than a year, the teams of two countries have overcome various difficulties and carried out their work steadily, and finally determined the snow elevation of Mount Everest based on the global elevation benchmark by using new 5G Technology. Mount Everest is an important symbol of the friendship between the two countries for generations. The two countries have established the world's highest peak as the boundary peak between Nepal and China, and the "China-Nepal Friendship Peak". China is willing to work with Nepal to actively promote cooperation in the protection of the ecological environment of Mount Everest and scientific research, and protect the precious wealth and homeland of the two countries people.

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