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Shanghai to Lhasa Train

04 August 2021 last updated at 15:15 0 Comments

If your last destination before going to Tibet is Shanghai and you have enough time to enjoy the amazing scenery from east to west China, then taking a Lhasa to Shanghai train to Tibet will be a good choice for you. You will across totally 8 provinces on the road and travel 4,373 km to that wonderland in your heart. The journey will last 47 hours and 27 minutes from Shanghai to Lhasa, which will become a lifetime experience for you to remember in the future.

Train No.Z164 departs from Shanghai Railway Station at around 20:08 every day and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station at around 19:35 on the third day. And Train No.Z166 will take you back to Shanghai from Lhasa. It leaves Lhasa Railway Station at 11:30 and arrives at Shanghai at 11:51 two days later. But most tourists will only choose one way to take the train and one way to take a flight. However, you can follow your heart and do the right choice to please yourself.

It is a great chance for you to enjoy the most beautiful and amazing landscapes in China because the Shanghai Lhasa train will take you from the east to the west of this beautiful land. You will enjoy different scenery during the nearly three-day train tour. But the most splendid views that will really amaze you will be the part when the train reached Tibetan Plateau. That will be something that you will never get the chance to see in other destinations. However, you need to remember that you should get some rest on the train to acclimate the high altitude sickness after you arrive in Lhasa even if you want to see more snowcapped mountains, plateau lakes, and endless grassland out of the window.

Shanghai Railway StationShanghai Railway Station

How to Get to Shanghai Railway Station?

In Shanghai, there are four railway stations. You should go to Shanghai Railway Station to take your train from Shanghai to Lhasa. Located in Moling Road, Zhabei District of Shanghai, this station runs trains connecting with many cities of China. That is to say, you need to schedule your time properly and arrive at the Shanghai Railway Station in advance. Here are ways for you to choose to get to the station:

In Shanghai downtown, it is convenient for tourists to get to the Shanghai Railway Station. You can choose to take a taxi if you are not familiar with the Metro lines in this big city. But taking metro Line 1, Line 3, Line 4 will be the fastest way to get to the station because you can avoid traffic jam perfectly.

At Shanghai Pudong International Airport, you can take airport bus Line 5 to get to Shanghai Railway Station. Its service hours in Shanghai Terminal 1 are 06:30 am to 11:00 pm and 06:35 am to 11:05 pm in Terminal 2. The airport bus line 5 runs every 15-25 minutes.

Or you can take Shanghai Metro to get to Shanghai Railway Station from Pudong International Airport. The first option, you can take Maglev Train to get to Longyong Road and transfer to Metro Line 2 to People’s Square. And then transfer to Metro Line 1 to get to Shanghai Railway Station. This way, you will get the chance to experience the fastest public transport means by land. The second option is to directly take Metro Line 2 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport to get to People’s Square and transfer to Metro Line 1. Or you can also take Metro Line 2 to get to Century Avenue and then transfer to Metro Line 4.

However, taking a taxi is also an alternative for you. But it will be much more expensive than other ways. And you may be troubled by traffic jams on the road. You’d better start to get to Shanghai Railway Station ahead of time to avoid missing your train to Lhasa.

Shanghai to Lhasa Railway MapShanghai to Lhasa Railway Map

Other recommended options to get to Lhasa Railway Station from Shanghai

If you haven’t been to mainland China, you may want to spend more time here to enjoy different cultures in China’s other featured cities, including Xi’an, Chengdu, or Chongqing. Those cities will definitely impress you with their unique city culture. Xi’an boasts profound history culture, Chengdu is the most delicious city, while Chongqing is characterized by its geographical structure. If you are interested in these cities and eager to have a special tour, you can choose to take the High Speed Railway or take a flight to those cities and then take the train to Lhasa.

How to book a Shanghai to Lhasa Train Ticket?

Booking a Shanghai to Lhasa Train Ticket with a reliable travel agency. Tibet Tourism offers this service as long as you can trust us. Just contact us a month in advance to book your ticket and we will make sure that you can get the perfect date to get to Lhasa from Shanghai.

You can choose to book on your own. You can either go to the railway stations in major cities of China, or you can book on You may not be able to clearly express your requirements at the railway stations. And you cannot book a train ticket successfully without a Chinese bank account, a Wechat account, or an Alipay account. But it is out of the question that you can book a train ticket to Lhasa after you arrive in China during the peak season of Tibet tourism from July to September. Even if in the off season, it will be difficult to book a ticket from Shanghai to Lhasa only a few days earlier.

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