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Washing Rooms on Tibet Trains

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Traveling to Tibet by trains from the major cities in China will cost 22 hours to 55 hours depending on the departure city. It makes restrooms very important for tourists when they are on the Tibet trains. In fact, you don’t need to worry about toilets and public sinks on the trains to Tibet since the facilities are above average standard compared with other places. You will have a great Tibet train tour along the road.  

Washing Rooms on Tibet TrainsWashing Rooms on Tibet Trains

Toilets on Tibet Trains

Toilets on Tibet trains are placed at the left and right end of every carriage. Tourists can go to it whenever they want except for the time when trains stop. All those toilets are well-designed and staff will keep them clean all the time. The Toilet Waste Collection System on the train will collect human waste and keep them in vacuum collectors to avoid pullet the environment on the railway.

There are Chinese-style toilets, Western-style toilets and also toilets for the disabled. Chinese-style toilets, and Western-style toilets are available in soft sleeper carriages, while hard sleeper carriages and hard seat carriages only have the squat type. People in wheelchairs can use the bigger-sized toilet that is equipped with a handrail to make it easy for them. There are indicator lights to show passengers whether the toilets are vacant or not. Passengers can see the light from their seats. If it shows red light, it means that there is someone who is using the toilet. If you see the light turns to green, it means that you can go to use it right now.

Inside the toilets, passengers can use the water basin, dustbin in the toilet, a green flush button and a red emergency button. The green button can be pushed to flush the toilet after using it. And when there is an emergency when passengers in the toilet, they can push the red button to call for a train attendant to help them. There are toilet papers when the trains depart from the station. But it may be used out soon.

Public Washing Sinks

A public washing sink is available at the end of every carriage. It is for passengers to clean, shave and wash themselves. Usually, there are three sinks, offering water of room temperature. Tourists need to bring their own towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc. Since the sinks are for all passengers, you’d better avoid the busy time in the morning and in the evening to use it. Or you may need to line up and wait for others to finish washing. But there is no room for you to take a shower on the train. One tip for you - do not drink the water from the water pipe since the water is not drinkable. The water dispensers on Tibet trains provide free drinkable water for passengers.

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