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Dining Car on Tibet Trains

04 August 2021 last updated at 18:00 0 Comments

Due to the long distance along the way, trains to Tibet from major cities in China provide one dining car for passengers to eat and drink. If you are used to Chinese dishes, you don’t need to worry about what to eat on Tibet trains. But for foreign tourists who don’t like Chinese food, they may need to prepare food in advance to deal with this problem. Keep reading and get to know more details about the dining car on Tibet trains.

Dining Car on Tibet TrainsDining Car on Tibet Trains

Usually, the dining car is in the middle of the Tibet trains. Passengers will see it next to the soft sleeper compartments. If you are not sure where it is, just go ahead and ask for the exact direction from a train attendant. The dining car is a place where passengers will feel cheerful since there you will see the fascinating scenery from the wide window. And its Tibet-style decoration will make you feel at home. You can choose a table that you like to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner at mealtime. The dining car can accommodate up to 50 people at the same time, which means that you need to wait if there is no empty table. The serving time for breakfast is from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, lunch is 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, and dinner is 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Do not miss the mealtime or you need to feed yourself with something else.

What Food You can Get in the Dining Car?

What you can get for your breakfast is simple and all are traditional Chinese breakfast. You can get baozi (steamed stuffed bun), mantou (steamed bun), boiled eggs, soy milk, pickles, porridge and etc. As for lunch and dinner, you will be able to choose from more dishes, including Chinese dished, Tibetan-style dishes and kinds of noodles. The menu varies from different Tibet trains in China. And as seasons change, the serving dishes will also change. But all those vegetables and meals are fresh since the train will get replenishment at some stops to make sure that every passenger on the train can eat safely.

Dishes on Tibet TrainDishes on Tibet Train

In order to deal with the limited room in the dining car, there will be train attendants push the food trolley into every cabin to offer boxed dishes to passengers who don’t want to go to the dining car to line up for a meal. You can wait for the boxed meal when they come and eat it in your own cabin. During non-mealtime, train attendants will also push the food trolley to go around the train cabins to sell snacks, fruits and drinks. Passengers can get instant noodles, biscuits, peanuts, bottled drinks, and something they may want to eat.

In the dining car, tourists can also purchase some water, juice, beer, wine and other bottled drinks in a small bar. If you would like to have a cup of tea or coffee, you can get what you want and sit in the dining car to enjoy the moments that you have on the Tibet train.

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