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Where to Eat in Tibet, Tibetan Restaurants

13 November 2021 last updated at 13:14 0 Comments

A Tibet tour is not perfect without finding some fine restaurants to eat in different places in Tibet. No matter you want to have a taste of local dishes or dishes from other places, you will need to do research and make a list of those restaurants that are highly recommended by other international tourists.

Traditional Tibet foods include tsampa, butter tea, highland barley wine, yak meat, Tibetan yogurt, sweet tea, etc. Every tourist will want to know what those traditional dishes taste like while enjoying a relaxed Tibet tour. Those are daily food in Tibetan people’s lives. So, it will make your Tibet trip more memorable and impressive.

If you are invited to a Tibet local house, they will usually offer you butter tea first. They will be very hospitable and keep refilling your cup every time after you take a sip. So, if you haven’t acquired the taste of butter tea or you really don’t like it, you don’t need to pretend to have a taste. You can be honest and ask for a cup of hot water or sweat tea to replace the butter tea.

However, even if in Lhasa city, there are only a few restaurants featuring Tibetan local dishes. In order to cater to all tourists from all over the world, many restaurants will offer dishes varying from different places. You can easily find restaurants that offer Sichuan-style dishes and other Chinese dishes in Lhasa and other places. You can tell your Tibet travel agency what dishes that you want to have a try and they will recommend restaurants that meet your needs to you. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can find foods in those restaurants in Lhasa only if you can make your requirements clear at the beginning.

Next, you will get the simple introduction of some best restaurants in Lhasa, Shigatse and other places in Tibet.

Tibetan Family KitchenTibetan Family Kitchen

Tibetan Family Kitchen

Located in Lhasa city, Tibetan Family Kitchen is a very cozy place for tourists to have a meal. It provides not only delicious foods but also a family feeling for all guests. It has a menu with many options, including Tibetan dishes, Western dishes, Nepalese dishes, etc. But it is definitely a perfect chance to eat great Tibetan food in Tibetan Family Kitchen because it has excellent local cooks who can make delicious dishes. English service is available here, which will be convenient for international tourists to order the dishes that they like. If you are eager to learn how to cook Tibetan dishes, it provides cooking classes with arranged lessons for you to choose. It opens from 10 am to 10:30 in the evening.

House of Shambhala Restaurant

House of Shambhala Restaurant opens from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here tourists will have a taste of different cuisines, including Asian cuisine, Tibetan cuisine, and Chinese cuisine. It is decorated with beautiful artwork and furniture with Tibetan style, which makes it a comfortable and quiet place for guests to enjoy a meal. And the House of Shambhala Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Lhasa chosen by most tourists who wish to live in the center of Lhasa city.

House of Shambhala RestaurantHouse of Shambhala Restaurant

Dunya Restaurant

Dunya restaurant is considered as a must-visit in Lhasa because it serves tasty food and friendly service. It is next to the Yak Hotel, which is very easy to be found. Tourists can have a taste of those foods, including yak steak, yak burgers, yak momos, western pizza, Indian dishes, etc. The staff can speak English smoothly and the service is good. The opening time is from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Namaste Restaurant

This restaurant serves lots of classic Indian dishes, as well as yak burgers and many other dishes. Tourists can find the extensive menu that is full of Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian food. It is not easy to find this restaurant unless you ask the local people. But it is worth a visit as it will impress you with great good and comfortable atmosphere.

Tashi 1

This restaurant serves Tibetan dishes such as bobi, momos, tsamba, thukpa, fried yak meat, and Tibetan butter tea. At the same time, it also offers other options, including spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and some Chinese food. Staff here are friendly and efficient. They all can speak English. Prices for all dishes are reasonable in Tashi 1.

Songtsen Tibetan Restaurant

Songtsen Tibetan Restaurant is located in the ancient Shigatse city. As one of the best restaurants in Shigatse, it welcomes lots of tourists every day with its tasty food and cozy environment. It has an English menu with options from Tibetan dishes and Chinese dishes to Western dishes. Besides, the staff is friendly and they can speak English as well.

Songtsen Tibetan RestaurantSongtsen Tibetan Restaurant

Shigatse Wordo Restaurant

It situates closely to the largest monastery in Shigatse - Tashilunpo Monastery. It is clean and quiet to have a meal at this restaurant. The staffs are friendly and glad to help guests order their dishes in English, Chinese, and Tibetan. If you are interested in Tibetan culture, you can go upstairs to look around at the small Tibetan museum.

Shigatse Wordo RestaurantShigatse Wordo Restaurant

Third Eye Restaurant

Every guest can have a perfect meal at Third Eye Restaurant in Shigatse because of the good atmosphere and the reasonable price. It serves Western dishes, Chines dishes, local Tibetan dishes, as well as Indian dishes. Tourists can get the chance to eat those famous dishes in this place.

Aba Home Tibetan Restaurant

This is a traditional Tibetan restaurant decorated with a Tibet style in Tsedang. Tourists will feel very comfortable here while enjoying the traditional Tibetan decoration. It is friendly to international tourists with an English menu and hospital staff who can recommend dishes to them.

There are some other restaurant options in Ngari, Nyingchi, Nagchu, and Chamdo. Although it is not easy to find traditional restaurants in these remote places that serve lots of different dishes, tourists can also have pleasant meals at those places as the trip itself will make all people to feel this magical land. If you want to know more when arranging your lunches and dinners in Tibet, please contact us and we will recommend the most popular restaurants to you.

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