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How to Board Tibet Trains

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Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the only railroad at present that will bring tourists from mainland China to Tibet. If you are eager to try to have a Tibet train tour in China, then you need to know something about how to board a Tibet train at the railway station in major cities of China.

Travel Documents that You Need

1. Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit is a necessary document that foreign tourists need to get into Tibet. You need to show it when you are boarding a plane or a Tibet train. Some train stations need the original version, while some stations only need the copy of your Tibet Travel Permit. You can feel free to contact us and we will provide detailed information according to the cities that you will take the train to Tibet since the policies may change at any time.

Since foreign tourists can only get into Tibet with a travel agent, the Tibet Travel Permit can only be applied by a travel agency. Tibet Tourism will always be here offering your service that you need to get your Tibet Travel Permit. And we will inform you about the process and send it to your hotel that you book once you arrive in China.

2. Passport

Passport is your identification paper in China. You will need it to check in hotel, collect your train ticket, purchase entrance tickets to those attractions, and etc. So, please make sure that you bring your passport with you and keep it in hand in case you will need it.

Xining Railway StationXining Railway Station

Go to the Correct Railway Station

Most cities in China have more than one railway station, which makes it a crucial question for you to get to the correct railway station to board your Tibet train. Or you will miss your train and your Tibet tour will be difficult to realize this time. You can ask us for the exact address of the train station that runs Tibet trains in your departure city. And we also have detailed information about the address of railway stations in those cities for you to check.

Collect Your Train Ticket

If you give us permission to book a Tibet train ticket for you, we will collect it for you and send it to the hotel that you book when you are in China. If you want to collect the train ticket by yourself at the railway station, you need to line up and go to the window to get your ticket with your booking confirmation number, your passport and Tibet Travel Permit.

Please leave enough time to board your train since you may encounter some unexpected troubles during the process. And in those major cities in China, lots of people will board the trains to get to other places daily. So, in order to board your train on time, you need to get to the train station in advance and then you can go through the process slowly and easily.

Go Through the Security Check

You have to pass the security check to get into the railway station. There you need to provide your train ticket, passport and maybe your Tibet Travel Permit. Then you put your suitcases and other bags on the conveyor belt for the machine to check. And you will be monitored by the staff with the X-ray machine screen. This process is to make sure that you do not bring any prohibited articles in your luggage or in your body.

Get to the Right Waiting Room

After you get into the waiting hall, you will see the electronic board directly that shows all train information, including the train number, departure time and checking gate number. You can find the matching train number on the screen and you will see the ticket entrance number after the train number. Then, you just find the waiting room near the ticket entrance for your Tibet train and wait for the check-in time. However, if you have trouble reading those numbers and words, you can ask the staff for help. They will be happy to address your problems and lead you to the right waiting room.

Line up for Checking in

The ticket entrance will be open 15 minutes before the departure time. After the status changes to open, passengers need to line up and go through the gate one by one with the valid ticket. You need to pay attention to that the gate will be closed 5 minutes before the departure time. After that, you will not be able to board your Tibet train.

Board the Train

After passing the ticket entrance, you can go to the right platform and boarding the train directly. Find the right carriage according to your ticket and line up there to get on the train. Just remember that you need to show your train ticket, passport and Tibet Travel Permit once again before getting into the carriage. After boarding the train, the first thing is to find your seat or compartment. The seat numbers and compartment numbers are printed on some eye-catching places. If you cannot find your seat or compartment, you can ask the passengers near you or the car attendants for help. Then, you can place your luggage in the luggage closet and keep your personal articles with you. As the train departs, your ticket will be taken away for the exchange of a ticket card. The car attendants may come to check the ticket card during the journey.

Lhasa Railway StationLhasa Railway Station

Get off the Train and Exit

Before arriving at Lhasa Railway Station, the car attendants will come again to get the ticket card and return your train ticket. And then you need to get your luggage and make sure you have taken all your personal articles with you. Or, you may get into trouble if you have missed anything on the train. Once the train stops, you need to line up and get off the train. You can walk slowly to prevent high altitude sickness. Then, just follow the crowd and get out of the train station directly. There you will be able to find your travel guide arranged by your travel agency. And your travel guide will pick you up to your hotel for some rest before visiting those attractions in Lhasa. If you are uncomfortable and you want to discuss your Tibet travel route, you can feel free to get in touch with your travel guide.

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