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Tibet Self-Driving Tours

A self-drive holiday is the ultimate road trip. Our self-driving tours are guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable and on-of-a-kind vacation.

Benefits of our organized self-drive tour:
1) Self-driving tour offers complete freedom and flexibility to decide where you visit, at what pace when you make photo stops and take breaks along the way.
2) The ideal itineraries are safe, easy and popular.
3) Besides vehicle rental, we also offer accommodation booking, guiding, maps, safety advice and so on. And you are only responsible for driving.
4) Our knowledgeable driving experts will accompany you and on hand whenever you need advice or assistance throughout your journey.

Because foreigners can not drive Tibetan tourist car in Tibet but there no problem to drive cars from other cities in mainland China, we designed the following self-driving tours. Of course, you can also travel to Tibet by your own vehicle, motorcycle or means of any kind transportation. We will help you apply for the Provisional Driving Licence and the pass check documents.  

Tianlu 18 Wan
Group type: Based on number of clients’
Tour Price: On Request
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