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Soft Sleepers, Hard Sleepers and Hard Seats on Tibet Trains

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Tibet trains offer three kinds of seats to passengers - Soft Sleepers, Hard Sleepers, and Hard Seats. Soft sleepers and hard sleepers are the most recommended options for foreign tourists since they will provide private space and bed to sleep. But the prices differ. So, if you want to know how to choose a ticket for your Tibet train tour, you can just keep reading and make your own decision.

Soft Sleeper on Tibet TrainSoft Sleeper on Tibet Train

Soft Sleepers

Usually, there are 2 carriages that have soft sleeper compartments on a Tibet train. Each compartment has 4 soft sleepers inside, 2 lower berths and 2 upper berths. The reason why the tickets for soft sleepers can be sold out too soon is that soft sleepers are rare and they can provide privacy and a safe environment for passengers. The lower berths are convenient for passengers since they can get to the bed easily. But the passengers may sit on your berth and talk with each other. So, some tourists may prefer upper berths. Besides, upper berths can provide a wide sight to the scenery outside the window. However, they need to climb up and down to get to somewhere else. So, it is up to you to choose which berth that you want.

Besides, the places for luggage are larger and safer than other compartments on a Tibet train. Tourists can put their luggage in the luggage closet above the door or put the suitcase under the lower bunks. If you cannot find any space to place your luggage, you can also put it on the luggage rack above the window by the aisle side. Just to remind you that you should take your personal belongings with you all the time.

The soft sleeper compartment is equipped with TV screens, an air conditioner, the oxygen supply systems, lights, sockets, etc. There is an attendant room at the end of each carriage where you can seek help from the attendants. Toilets are also placed at the end of each carriage and you can use them anytime except the time when the train stops. A squat type and a western toilet are available there. If you want boiled water, you can go to the water boiler at the end of each carriage with your own cups or bottle.

Hard Sleeper on Tibet TrainHard Sleeper on Tibet Train

Hard Sleepers

A Tibet train usually has 8-11 hard sleeper carriages. Each carriage has 11 compartments, with 6 hard sleeper berths in one compartment. There are two lower berths, two middle berths, and two upper berths. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Upper berths are the cheapest because passengers need to climb the ladder to get to the bed. But passengers in the upper berth are not easy to be interrupted. Middle berths are comfortable because passengers can get to it easier than getting to the upper berths. And they can still enjoy their little space. The lower berths provide spacious space for passengers. They can move around easily and enjoy the table between the two lower berths. However, it will be noisy because people may sit on your bed and talk with you.

There is no luggage closet in hard sleeper compartments because it is not a private place. Passengers can only put their luggage on the luggage rail above the window of the aisle or under the lower berths. Still, you need to make sure that you have all your valuable personal belongings with you.

The air conditioner will work to make sure passengers can enjoy a pleasant temperature on the Tibet trains. Besides, there are also oxygen supply systems equipped for passengers to take advantage of when the train arrives Golmud. If you need any assistance or medical service, you can go to the attendant room searching for help. As for the lights in hard sleeper carriages, the main lights will be turned off at 10 pm. But the aisle lights and toilets lights will work through the night. There are only toilets of squat type in hard sleeper carriage with a clean environment. Boiled water is free for passengers with their own cups and water bottles. If you want to charge your phones or other electric devices, you can find sockets beneath the compartment table.

Hard Seats on Tibet TrainHard Seats on Tibet Train

Hard Seats

Hard seats are available on Tibet trains, even if they are recommended for a long distance trip. But it is the cheapest option and tourists with limited budgets can get the chance to take a train to Tibet. There are four carriages that can accommodate up to 392 passengers on a Tibet train. Dispersion-mode oxygen system can work in hard seat compartments. And passengers can also get to use the independent system through the individual oxygen outlets with disposable pipes distributed by train attendants. But, tourists can only sit on the seats that cannot be adjusted during the Tibet train tour and they cannot get the space to stretch their legs. So, just try to avoid choosing a hard seat if you want a great Tibet trip.

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