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Wuhan to Lhasa Train

04 August 2021 last updated at 15:24 0 Comments

Tourists in Wuhan can get to Wuchang Railway Station to take Train Z264 to get to Lhasa. And Train Z266 will take you back from Lhasa to Wuhan. Train Z264 is Guangzhou to Lhasa train and it will make a stop at Wuchang Railway Station, making it convenient for foreign tourists who want to experience the unique scenery and culture of Wuhan. It will stay at Wuchang Railway Station for 22 minutes and tourists have enough time to get aboard.

Train Z264 from Guangzhou to Lhasa runs every other day currently. It will arrive at Wuchang Railway Station at 22:38 and departs at 22:30. After 41 hours and 46 minutes on the road, the train will arrive at Lhasa Railway Station at 16:46 on the third day. And Z266 will depart at 12:55 at Lhasa Railway Station and stops at Wuchang Railway Station at 08:42 on day three. The whole 3,901km journey will take 43 hours and 47 minutes.

Located in the central of China, Wuhan is always a transport hub that connects cities around. Yangzi and Han rivers flow through its main streets and divide this big city into three districts. Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang together make Wuhan a remarkable city in today’s China. The famous Yellow Crane Tower and the Dragon Boat Festival in Wuhan attract the eyes of many tourists. If Wuhan and Lhasa are both on your travel list, then Wuhan to Lhasa Train will be your best choice to enjoy two different cities with diverse cultures in China. Qinghai Tibet Railway will take you directly to the amazing area in your dream.

Wuchang Railway Station
Wuchang Railway Station

How to Get to Wuchang Railway Station?

About 1.43 miles from Yellow Crane Tower, Wuchang Railway Station is easy to access. Although Wuchang District is separated from Hankou and Hanyang District, the local transportation will make it quick and convenient for people to travel.

By Metro

Metro Line 4 and Line 7 can get to Wuchang Railway Station directly. Line 4 is from Hankou District, while Line 7 is from Hanyang. You can take other Metro lines to transfer to Line 4 and Line 7. Wuhan Railway Station can get to Wuchang Railway Station by Line 4. As for transfer plans, if you are in Hankou Railway Station, you can take Metro Line 2 to get to Pangxiejia and tranfer to Line 4. If you are in Tianhe International Airport, you can also take Line 2 to get to Pangxiejia and transfer to Line 4. But it is recommended that you take an airport shuttle bus at Hongji Long-Distance Bus Station to get to Wuchang Railway Station directly.

By Bus

Many public buses in Wuhan will take you to Wuchang Railway Station, including Line 10, 61, 402, 539, 540, and so on. You just need to find a bus stop and then find a line that will take you to Wuchang Railway Station in downtown Wuhan.

By Taxi

In every major city in China, a taxi will take you to anywhere that you want to go. You just need to tell the drivers clearly about your destination. The price should be charged by the meter on the taxi. Do not accept to pay for the bill without the meter.

However, no matter what kind of transportation you choose to take to get to Wuchang Railway Station, you’d better set out in advance to make sure that you can get to the station on time. You don’t know what will happen on the road, which may make you miss your train from Wuhan to Lhasa.

Wuhan to Lhasa Railway MapWuhan to Lhasa Railway Map

What about Other Plans from Wuhan to Lhasa?

Since Wuhan is just a stop of the Guangzhou to Lhasa Train, it is very likely that you will not get the chance to book a ticket that meets your need. So, we will recommend that you can take the high-speed train to get to Chongqing or Chengdu and then take the train to Lhasa. This way, you can get the chance to enjoy one or two days in the two great cities in China. It will be easier to book a ticket in these two cities than in Wuhan since they are the departure station for the trains to Lhasa.

How to Make a Purchase of a Wuhan to Lhasa Train Ticket?

If you decide to take the Wuhan to Lhasa train to get to Tibet, then you need to prepare for your journey right now. The first step you need to do is trying to book a train ticket to Lhasa from Wuhan. We have mentioned before that Wuchang Railway Station is just a stop of Guangzhou to Lhasa Train, which means that the tickets will be tight. You can check first to make sure that there are tickets available on the date that you plan to get to Tibet. You can check on by yourself, or contact a travel agency to check for you. But without a Chinese bank account or a WeChat account or an Alipay account, you cannot buy a ticket on the website on your own. Just feel free to contact us and we will try our best to guarantee you a successful purchase. However, if there are no tickets that meet your requirement, we will give professional advice on your Tibet tour.


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