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If you’ve never taken a Tibet tour, how do you cherry-pick between all the options? With so many Tibet travel agency, it’s difficult for western travelers to know who to trust. 

The team of totally understands this dilemma. We know that it’s a long way and very hard to travel to Tibet for foreign visitors. We also appreciate that a Tibet tour is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience and gives you memories to last a lifetime. That’s why we do everything we can to make your Tibet tour easy and enjoyable for you.

1. Tour itineraries designed with you in mind by our travel expert team

The travel expert team are travelers just like you. They want their tours to be more than a holiday - they want an experience. They know how to visit Tibet to save time (also same money) and travel smoothly. That’s why we design our tour itineraries with you in mind.

Every aspect of the tour from pick-up to sites sightseeing, to when we finally see you off is carefully curated to create a beautiful travel memory for you.

2. Our Tibetan guide who makes a personal connection with real Tibet

During Tibet tour, a Tibetan guide is the soul character who will show you the unique beauty of Tibet by sharing their knowledge about culture, local festivals, Tibetan lifestyles, and precious experience, which was inborn in their minds since their childhood.
There are guides - and there are tour guides. For over a decade, we have sourced the very best tour guides in the Tibet tourism business. Here’s why we understand a Tibetan guide can make - or break - your travel experience with us. We also know there is nobody better than a knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic natives to share their city with you.

3. Hotels we selected that saves time and money

Although the cities in Tibet are not as the same big as that in Beijing, Shanghai and New York, it has the same morning and evening traffic peak. We understanding that you didn’t travel to Tibet to spend time sitting in traffic. That’s why we select 3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars hotels located  within the inner city precinct and close to your tour’s sights, such as the Potala Palace or Jokhang Temple. And what about after the day’s touring is over? There’s no need to stay locked up in your hotel room. Time to get out and get amongst it! You can create your own unique memories at night with our located hotels.

4. Our new coaches and cars take comfort and safety

With a commitment to your comfort and safety of Tibet travel experience with us, we carefully select vehicle partners who align with our values. 

When traveling between tourist sites, or to and from hotels, airports, and train stations, we engage the service of quality transport providers. All vehicles meet licensing and regulatory standards, are less than five years old. And our drivers are well-experienced and have more than five year of plateau driving experience.

5. Eat where and when you want

Tibetan cuisine is one of the special parts that represents the lifestyle of this magical place. It is also a unique branch of the Chinese flavor system. All tourists coming to Tibet will be recommended to have a taste of Tibetan food to experience the way of life in Tibet, as a way to better understand the place that is closest to paradise.

Our tour price doesn’t include meals (apart from breakfasts and cruise meals) because we know wonderful, different, and interesting food is the stuff of travel memories. We can help with restaurant choices and menu selection. Our local guide will make it happen – you only need say “Let’s eat!”.

6. Shop like a local

In all our Tibet tours, we do not arrange shopping time.
However, we totally understand shopping for a local souvenir when traveling is part of the total experience, and we also understand nobody likes feeling they’re forced to shop in certain locations. If you want to buy some, you ask our tour guide where to buy and then you can go to discover on your own.

7. Flight or train time suites your tour

If you take our China Tibet Tours, it will include domestic flight or train tickets. We will help you solve it. Because China is very big, distance between two destinations means that flight will be the first choice. We will schedule comfortable flight times, usually in the afternoon or your previous destination tour ends. You do not need rush your visiting time to meet your China tour schedule.

Even for the Qinghai-Tibet train to Lhasa, we will try our best to book the night train ticket at prime time, making you can see the landscapes out of the train windows at daytime.

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