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Vehicles are one of the most important parts of a great Tibet tour. It will ensure your safety while traveling from attractions in Tibet. A good choice of a vehicle will guarantee a comfortable tour for tourists. So, as the most professional Tibet travel agency, we can provide a lot of vehicles for rental with high quality and good conditions. You can keep reading and decide which type of vehicle that suits your need. And then contact us anytime to ask for more information.

5-Seater SUV

We can provide 5-seater vehicles, such as Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Mitsubishi. Those vehicles can carry at most 5 people. But it is suitable to carry only 1-3 travelers when traveling in Tibet. They have spacious seats, which makes sure that tourists can enjoy a stable and comfortable tour in Tibet.

5-Seater SUV5-Seater SUV

7-Seater Vehicle

If you are traveling with 2-4 people, we will recommend you to rent a 7-seater vehicle to have a leisure Tibet tour. Those vehicles for rental include Buick Business Minivan and Ford Minivan. These business minivans that can carry 7 people will have a spacious space inside and a large trunk that can deposit all of your packages. Tourists can talk freely with each other and take a good rest on the road from one place to another.

7-Seater Vehicle7-Seater Vehicle

9-Seater Vehicle

A 9-seater vehicle is suitable for a small group of 4-6 people. They will have space to deposit their packages in the car without putting them in the trunk. Korean Hyundai 9-seater will be the car that we recommend to provide transportation service for our tourists. People will not feel stressed on this vehicle because of the bigger window than those normal SUVs.

14-Seater Vehicle

For a small group of 6-9 people, we will recommend them to rent a car that can carry 14 people. And Transit Ford Mini bus will serve as a useful and trustworthy car for tourists to travel in Tibet. This car has a high chassis to ensure everyone can be comfortable on the road. And its adjustable seat back can allow passengers to find a suitable position to have a rest.

14 Seaters Van14 Seaters Van

17-Seater Vehicle

For a group of 10-12 people, Korean Hyundai mini bus is the first option because it is safe and spacious. It has a powerful engine that can run smoothly on mountains and plains, which is a necessary feature to make sure it can safely carry tourists to travel around in Tibet. And it offers a great environment inside by simple design and friendly equipment.

17-Seater Vehicle17 Seaters Bus

20-Seater Vehicle

Toyota Coaster is a highly recommended vehicle for a group of 10-14 people. This kind of vehicle has independent aviation seats with a higher position for international tourists to stretch their legs on the car. It offers a luxurious experience for tourists on the road.

23 Seaters Bus23 Seaters Bus

23-Seater or 29-Seater Vehicle

Yutong or Jinglong Bus will serve as a means of transportation for a group of 15-20 people. These two types of vehicles are commonly used to transfer tourists because of the spacious inside and safe performance.

29 Seaters Bus29 Seaters Bus

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