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Lhasa to Gyirong Railway and Train

04 August 2021 last updated at 12:37 0 Comments

Currently, there are only trains from Lhasa to Shigatse. And as the further extension of the grand Qinghai-Tibet railway, the part from Shigatse to Gyirong is still under construction. It will cross the high Himalayas Mountains and leads to the border of China and Nepal. Once it is completed, tourists can take the train from Lhasa to Gyirong port and then get to Kathmandu easily. Sino-Nepal Railway is of great importance to the development of the Tibet railway network, which can also benefit Tibet tourism greatly.

Sino-Nepal Railway is made of two parts - one is Lhasa to Gyirong Pass part and another part is Gyirong Pass to Kathmandu. The plan of this railway shows that Shigatse Gyirong Railway is total 540km, while Gyirong to Kathmandu is 120km. When the two parts are completed and linked, international tourists will be excited about it because they can travel through the magic Himalaya regions between China and Nepal conveniently.

Shigatse Railway StationShigatse Railway Station

Starts from Shigatse Railway Station, the railway will follow 318 National Highway to pass through Lhatse, Sagya, Dinggye, Tingri, Nyalam and then follow 219 and 216 National Highway to get to Gyirong Pass. As the only crossing point between Tibet and Nepal, Gyirong Pass will link the railway in China and Nepal to allow tourists to enjoy the scenery between the two countries.

Overland Tour from Tibet to Nepal

Since the railway is not available at present, tourists who want to get to Nepal from Tibet can choose to have a lifetime Tibet overland tour to realize it. It is the most recommended route for international tourists even if it seems time-consuming. Covering about 1,300km, the whole journey may last at least 7 days from Lhasa to Kathmandu. But you will be able to take your time and enjoy the most amazing scenery along the road as you wish. So, if you decide to have an overland trip to get to Kathmandu, you may want to contact a Tibet travel agency to provide you everything you need and arrange a perfect tour route for you.

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