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Oxygen Supply Systems on Tibet Trains

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Most foreign tourists who plan to have a Tibet train tour will worry about the high altitude sickness along the railway. They may afraid that they cannot be able to relieve their symptoms when they are on the trains. However, all Tibet trains are well equipped with oxygen systems that can make all passengers feel comfortable when the train reaches a high altitude area. Even if you couldn’t feel well after using the oxygen outlet, you can get medical treatment on the train because there are professional doctors and nurses who are expert at dealing with high altitude sickness issues. Let’s keep reading and get to know some details about the oxygen systems on the train to Tibet.

Oxygen Supply SystemOxygen Supply System

Oxygen supply systems are necessary on Tibet trains since the trains will take passengers to pass through some high altitude areas. Without those oxygen systems, passengers may not be able to have a better experience on the road. Most of them may have high altitude sickness since their body cannot get enough oxygen. There are two kinds of oxygen supply systems serving on the Tibet trains to make sure every passenger can get access to more oxygen to avoid and release their high altitude sickness symptoms.

One system is “dispersion-mode”, which will be turned on once the train arrives Golmud at an elevation of 2,829m. It will continuously pump oxygen into the carriages to maintain the oxygen content at a stable concentration by the air-conditioning system. Most passengers will feel better when the oxygen content of the air reaches about 23%.

Another is “distribution-mode” oxygen supply system that can be found below every seat in the hard seat carriages, and near every berth in each hard sleeper carriages and soft sleeper carriages. Once the system starts to work after reached Golmud, the train attendants will distribute the pipes to every passenger to make the most use of the oxygen outlets. Those disposable pipes are free. You just put one end to the oxygen outlet and then put another end into your nostrils. Then you will breathe oxygen directly from the outlet.

However, there will be some passengers who cannot feel better after taking advantage of the oxygen supply system on the Tibet trains. If you are the one who are feeling worse and worse when the train gets higher, you should immediately call for help from the train attendants. It can be very serious if your high altitude sickness cannot be relieved in plateau area. So, pay attention to your body changes and ready to get help anytime.

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