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Golmud to Lhasa Train

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Golmud is the second biggest city in Qinghai Province. Qarhan Salt Lake lies 60km northeast of this city. Even if most of its scenery is dry desert, tourists can still find something to visit in this magical city and make your Tibet tour more fun. Some Tibet trains from mainland city will make a stop here for about 25 minutes. So, even if Golmud Train Station is not a departure station along Qinghai-Tibet Railway, tourists can also purchase a ticket to board the train to Lhasa in Golmud. It is the shortest train route from mainland China. Covering 1,142km from Golmud to Lhasa, the whole journey will take about 14 hours.

Train Z265 from Guuangzhou, Z6811 and Z6801 from Xining, Z156 from Shanghai, Z223 from Chongqing, Z21 from Beijing will all stop here for 25 minutes. It allows all passengers on the train to step outside the train to get fresh air and stretch their legs. But Golmud is situated at 2,809 m above sea level, which means that passengers may start to feel uncomfortable due to the high altitude. If you are not feeling good or you already have high altitude sickness when you are outside the train, please go back to your seat and get some rest. After leaving Golmud, the train will start to climb to the highest point of Qinghai-Tibet Railway and then head to Lhasa directly. That is also the time when the oxygen supply systems start working. You will get the disposable pipe from the train attendants for the use of independent oxygen outlets.

Golmud Railway StationGolmud Railway Station

It is recommended that you take train Z165 from Shanghai and train Z265 from Guangzhou at Golmud Train Station because these two trains will allow you to enjoy the fantastic scenery outside the window during the daytime. You board the train in the middle night and you wake up in the morning and get the chance to see the grand plateau can offer.

How to Get to Golmud Train Station?

The Golmud Train Station is located in No.39, Yinbin Road. It is accessible by bus No. 1, No.2 and No.5. Tourists can also take a taxi to get to the station. There are shuttle buses connecting Golmud Airport and Train Station, which will only cost CNY20 per person. In case to catch your train to Lhasa on time, you’d better get to the train station in advance to make sure you can handle some unexpected emergencies. If you accidentally miss your train to Lhasa, you will put yourself into trouble since the train tickets usually need to book ahead of time. Before heading to the train station, double-check whether you have carried all papers and documents that you need to board the Tibet train, like your passport, Tibet Travel Permit, and your train ticket if you have it.

How to Book a Train Ticket from Golmud to Lhasa?

Even if nearly there are several trains that will make a stop at Golmud Train Station, you should also be prepared for the situation that the ticket would be sold out quickly. Golmud is not one of the main attractions along Qinghai-Tibet Railway, which means that not so many people will get off the train. So, the earlier you decide to book a train ticket from Golmud to Lhasa, the better chance that you will get one. You can use to book a Tibet train ticket. It requires you to create an account with your passport number and a phone number in mainland China. So, things will be difficult for you. However, you can contact a Tibet Tour Agency to do you a favor. Tibet Tourism will be glad to help you book a train ticket according to your departure time and also give you advice on arranging a wonderful Tibet trip.

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