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Classic Tours in China

No matter it is the first trip or the tenth for you to China, we always offer you endless opportunities for exploration. The diversity of this vast and sprawling country’s historical heritages, cultural influence, architecture, cuisine and natural landscape never run out.

On our classic trips in China uncover ancient marvels, rich history, and traditions that will transport you back in time. Enjoy a balance of sightseeings led by locals and free time to follow your interests in this impressive country provinces: Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang and so on.

Mount Everest
Promo: Once-in-a-lifetime chance to face the tallest mountain in the world
Tour Price: from USD830
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Promo: An off-the-path Trip to explore the Sacred Tibetan Paradise outside Tibet
Tour Price: from USD690
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Ejinaqi Populus Euphratica Forest
Promo: Personally Experience Golden Autumn of Ejinaqi Populus Euphratica Forest
Tour Price: from USD790
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Songzanlin Monastery
Promo: A journey with the highlights of Yunnan
Tour Price: from USD880
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Zhangye Railbow Mountain
Promo: Silk Road Trip for Authentic Cultural Experience in Qinghai and Gansu
Tour Price: from USD1160
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Idigar Mosque
Promo: A life-time Adventure to Explore Xinjiang Highlights
Tour Price: from USD1180
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Daocheng Yading
Promo: Big Loop Trip in Western Sichuan to Explore Big IP: Daocheng Yading & Jiuzhaigou
Tour Price: from USD1280
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